What is the Best Irrigation System for Arizona Soil?

Are you considering installing a new irrigation system on your property?  If so, there are some factors to take into account when living in a diverse area such as Arizona.  There are two major things to consider when installing an irrigation system in Arizona.  The first is: What types of areas do you plan on irrigating?  The second is: What region of Arizona do you live in?

Lawn or Garden?

The type of area that you are planning on irrigating is probably the most important question to ask when determining what type of irrigation system to install.  Typically for residential purposes there are two major types of areas, garden areas, and lawn areas.

For lawn areas, it is common for people in Arizona to install a spray system with pop up heads.  A spray system with pop up heads works great on flat surfaces and with a proper timing system can have your lawn watered generously, but you have to be careful not to overwater so as to prevent water runoff and waste.  An alternative to spray heads are pop up rotor systems.  Rotor systems use water more efficiently and are better at covering larger areas.  They also give the ground more time to properly absorb the water instead of just soaking it.

Garden areas typically require less water than lawn areas, so the more popular choice in Arizona are drip irrigation systems.  They are extremely water efficient and great for stand-alone plants usually found with homes that have desert landscaping.  Drip systems are also very easy to rearrange and move to other locations.  An alternative to drip systems are soaker hoses.  Soaker hoses provide a larger amount of water through porous membranes that run throughout the hose.  Soaker hoses are great for row gardens or gardens where there is dense vegetation.

Arizona Regions and Their Soils

There are three geographic regions in Arizona and each has their own soil makeups.  The desert and plateau regions of Arizona are arid regions that receive little rain.  The soils in these areas are the clay type sometimes called adobe or “heavy soil”.  These soil particles are small in size and pack tightly, resulting in a poor ability to hold water and air.  Water drainage is very slow and often evaporates before having the opportunity to be completely absorbed by the ground soil.  In an area such as this lawns will benefit from a spray irrigation system.

The mountainous region of Arizona is at a higher elevation and receives more rain as well as a snow pack in the winter.  The ground here consists of a loamy soil.  It is the ideal soil, being made up of a balanced mixture of clay, silt, and sand.  The soil drains well but not too fast so as to retain nutrients in which plant life prosper.  Lawns in this area will benefit most from a rotor irrigation system, making the most efficient use of water.

If you have any questions about the soil where you live and the type of irrigation system that would be best for your area please feel free to call us at 1-800-420-6010.

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